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Terms of Booking

In agreeing to the terms and condition, you agree to the following statements:


I grant permission for your child to participate in all planned activities for the duration of all Greenways Forest School sessions that I have registered your child registered in.


I understand that participation in Forest School activities can expose the named participant to risk and possible injuries. I understand that there is a qualified certified First Aider on site and grant permission for them to treat my child/participant in the event of an injury.


I understand that by agreeing to these terms I hereby release Greenways Forest School from any and all liability associated with the session my child is attending.


I recognise that Greenways Forest School reserves the right to postpone or cancel sessions if

  • They have insufficient staff to sustain the legal adult/child ratios

  • They have insufficient qualified Level 3 Forest School Leaders to run the sessions, as per the contract with the council and insurers

  • There is 'extreme weather' and it is unsafe to be outside

Where possible Greenways Forest School will attempt to reschedule, but this may not be possible. I will not hold Greenways Forest School liable for loss of fees or sessions due to weather or other circumstances that will jeopardise the health and safety of staff and participants.


All tools and materials will be provided by Greenway Forest School. Participants are discouraged from bringing additional items to sessions as they may be lost, stolen, or damaged. I will not hold Greenways Forest School responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal items.


I have provided Greenways Forest School with all relevant medical information and will ensure that the participant’s important medications are provided for all Greenways Forest School sessions.


I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that the named participant is dressed properly for weather conditions as these sessions are based outside in natural settings. I understand that the participant may be refused admission to a session if they are not clothed properly for the conditions and I will not hold Greenways Forest School responsible.

I am aware there are no nappy changing facilities, therefore nappies will not be changed during sessions of 90 minutes or less.

I understand that the Saturday Sessions are drop-off sessions, and will endeavour to help my child with the transition and encourage independent learning

In the event of an injury occurring during a Greenways party, it will be the job of the host parents/guardians to contact the parent/guardian of the injured participant.

If a refund is agreed, this will be in vouchers for use on any Greenways service


I have read and acknowledge all of the policies and procedures in the Greenways Forest School Handbook


I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand this agreement

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