Here's what you need to know before joining  Greenways on Saturday!

Meeting times.

2-4 year olds: Please meet us ready for a start time of 10:15am. We'll then meet you back at the meeting point at 11:45am. 


4-8 year olds: Please meet us ready for a start time of 10:00am. We'll then meet you back at the meeting point at 12:00pm. 


Meeting point.

From the North West entrance to Wick Woodland (orange arrow), walk down the short footpath (yellow arrow). 

What 3

Drop off.

2-4 year olds: We know and celebrate the fact that every child is unique and may need a bit more time to separate from you. If so, then feel free to come along for part or all of the session. However, we aim to foster independence in the children which we find is best achieved when they are free to explore with their peers. If you want to chat about this further then let me know.


4-8 year olds: This is drop off only.

What to wear. 

Judge the weather on the day but generally in Winter we suggest:

☐Thermal layers
☐Comfortable, warm trousers
☐ Long sleeved t-shirt or top
☐ Jumper
☐ Fleece
☐ Waterproof coat
☐ Waterproof trousers
☐ Hat and gloves
☐ Wellies or sturdy closed toe shoes

Food and drink. 

We provide a snack of fruit and crackers/rice cakes. Please highlight any dietary requirements in your registration forms.


We have a camping toilet and shelter for the children to use, however there are no nappy changing facilities. 


Our email address is and our number and emergency contact on the day is 07565249875.

Policies and procedures. 

Please read our policies and procedures in our Greenways Forest School Handbook which you can find here.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch